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Esterel Technologies and ALT Software partner to extend SCADE Display capabilities to OpenGL

SCADE Display 6.0, the new generation display framework, will generate code adapted to ALT Software’s safety-critical OpenGL graphic libraries.

Avionics 2007, Amsterdam – March 7, 2007 --[ASDWire]-- Esterel Technologies, worldwide supplier of the SCADE Certified Software Factory for safety-critical embedded systems and ALT Software, leader in DO-178B OpenGL graphic solutions today announced a strategic partnership for creating a joint solution for rapidly building and certifying safety-critical cockpit display systems.

SCADE Display 6.0 is the embedded graphics design tool suite for the development of display systems. It features advanced graphical prototyping and specification capabilities, spanning display design, simulation, verification and validation, and a natural integration with the SCADE Certified Software Factory. SCADE Display KCG, the qualified code generator according to DO-178B Level A, generates the code that is embedded and connected to ALT’s GBK-178, Graphics Binary Kit for DO-178B.

SCADE Display 6.0 provides enhanced support of OpenGL graphic primitives.
This seamless integration of SCADE Display with GBK-178 now provides display system engineers relying on OpenGL architectures with unprecedented high level of graphics quality and performance while benefiting from the openness advantage of OpenGL solutions..

This results in high-quality graphics features to create the new generation of avionics displays such as Cockpit Displays Systems (CDS), Heads Up Displays (HUD), On-Board Airport Navigation Systems (OANS), and many other visual systems.

ALT Software’s GBK-178 offers SCADE Display a greater independence from hardware platforms and suppliers. Supporting a variety of off-the-shelf and custom processor and graphic ASIC combinations, these OpenGL drivers allow the customer to achieve the graphic performance benefits afforded from hardware acceleration. Certifiable to DO-178B Level A, ALT’s 2D and 3D graphic libraries provide a variety of product options including the driver binary, binary plus source code, diagnostic tools, and the full set of artifacts required for certification of the driver in its target environment

“ALT Software’s safety-critical OpenGL products have been architected to eliminate low-level programming duties; it helps broaden the creativity of cockpit display system engineers”, says Eric Bantégnie, CEO of Esterel Technologies. “SCADE Display does exactly the same. The integration of SCADE Display and GBK-178 handles a significant part of the burden of the certification process”.

“SCADE Display provides the unique capability of checking the ergonomics, the look and feel of a graphics user interface at the specification level”, says Mike Agar, Vice President of Engineering at ALT Software, “Our GBK-178 makes this possible by providing functional parity between the development environment and the target device, thus ensuring that what has been specified and validated in SCADE Display is exactly what the pilot is visualizing at all times.”

“This partnership is leveraging the effectiveness of collaborative R&D programs that started in September 2006 when Esterel Technologies acquired what is now called SCADE Display”, added Christian Below, Vice President Marketing and Business Development of Diehl Aerospace.

SCADE Display 6.0, including its OpenGL qualifiable code generator SCADE Display KCG compliant with GBK-178, will be available for the general market in July 2007.

About ALT Software
ALT Software is a DO-178B embedded systems solutions provider whose offerings include device drivers and graphics system development kits. ALT also provides DO-178B software engineering services with particular expertise in graphics, audio, video, networking and system integration. For more information about ALT Software and the ALT Software family of OpenGL solutions and services, please visit

About Esterel Technologies
Esterel Technologies is the worldwide leader of model-based design and verification tools for critical embedded systems.

SCADE Display™ is the leading edge embedded graphics design environment dedicated to safety-critical display systems, DO-178B qualified up to level A for Military and Aerospace Industries.

SCADE™ and SCADE Display combined in the SCADE Certified Software Factory form the only integrated and industrialised tool suite spanning algorithm, logic and displays design, merging formal verification and certified code generation.
Esterel Studio™ is the market leading, front-end design and verification suite for control-intensive hardware IP. Esterel Studio™ delivers the full benefits of ESL synthesis with automated RTL/C/SystemC code production from a single and formally verified Esterel Studio IP executable specification.

Esterel Technologies is a privately held company with headquarters in Elancourt, France and Mountain View, California, USA, and with direct sales offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, and China. For additional information, visit the Esterel Technologies website at

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