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NC3A chooses Luciad software to visualize its Joint Common Operational Picture (JCOP)

LuciadMap’s Web-based technology enhances Joint Situational Awareness for NATO commanders in military operations

Leuven, Belgium, April 22th 2008 --[ASDWire]-- Luciad, the leading software provider for high performance visualization of geospatial information, announces that it has been contracted by the NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NC3A) to deliver the software components for the visualization capability in its interim Joint Common Operational Picture (JCOP). Via the LuciadMap-based viewers in JCOP, NATO Headquarters and Component Commands staff can accurately visualize the Joint Common Operational Picture, substantially enhancing their situational awareness and accelerating the decision-making process.

The JCOP system enables NATO commanders to produce joint pictures (Air, Land, Maritime, Intelligence and Environment) of current military operations by integrating and displaying information produced by a variety of separate Command and Control systems. Elements of the JCOP interim capability are already being used for mission monitoring in KFOR (Kosovo) and ISAF (Afghanistan). The system will also be used by the NATO Response Force (NRF) and within multiple exercises.

JCOP’s main objective is to enhance the Joint Situational Awareness capability. The different NATO levels of Command need to have a clear and concise overview of all relevant existing data for an individual mission across NATO’s areas of responsibility. One of the project‘s major requirements is the ability to visualize operational information on a geospatial background and automatically share information with relevant operational domains.

NATO built the JCOP system on a very tight schedule by extending and efficiently combining existing NATO systems: ICC (Integrated Command and Control), iGeoSIT (interim Geo Spatial Intelligence Tool) and BRITE (Baseline for Rapid Iterative Transformational Experimentation). All these systems already use LuciadMap for geographic rendering, making LuciadMap the product of choice for NATO to develop the JCOP system.

The Luciad OGC compliant Web Server technology enables NATO commanders to easily query operational geo-information, via a standard Web browser, using standard hardware and limited bandwidth. The LuciadMap Web Server merges on-the-fly data from multiple sources stored in different formats and with diverse geo-references. JCOP takes advantage of the Luciad technology to gather, consolidate and stream the operational data coming from the various C2 systems into one single picture. Luciad’s ergonomic user interface on the client side enables commanders to visualize the battle space situation in 2D and 3D, using real-time sources of situational data.

“LuciadMap’s open and standards-based network-centric solutions enable NATO commanders to jointly plan and monitor a military operation at multiple locations at the same time.’ said Bert Tiems, JCOP Project Manager at NC3A. “We selected the LuciadMap product for its high flexibility, its short development cycle and its fast and effective deployment in the field.”

“We are proud to participate in JCOP, a project with high visibility in the military world”, stated Lode Missiaen, CEO of Luciad. “The JCOP system provides an initial capability for Joint Situational Awareness, which is an essential factor in the success of today’s military missions. Being a partner in the JCOP project confirms Luciad’s position as a leading software provider in the Defense and Security domains.”

About NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
NATO is an alliance of 26 countries from North America and Europe committed to fulfilling the goals of the North Atlantic Treaty signed on 4 April 1949. In accordance with the Treaty, the fundamental role of NATO is to safeguard the freedom and security of its member countries by political and military means. Today, NATO is playing an increasingly important role in crisis management and peacekeeping.

About Luciad
Luciad provides software solutions for high performance visualization of geospatial information. Luciad’s software components are the building blocks for mission-critical Command and Control systems.

Luciad’s core product is LuciadMap, a software solution that system integrators and original equipment manufactures can easily integrate into their existing systems. LuciadMap can handle large numbers of static and moving data on top of geographical information, including maps, satellite imagery, and terrain elevation in many different formats and references to achieve a high situational awareness.

Luciad also offers an end-user product, based on LuciadMap’s technology: ATCPlayback, a viewing capability to play back, review, and analyze simulated or recorded air traffic data. It is a powerful, user-friendly suite that graphically replays and intuitively analyzes ATC simulation results by enabling users to interactively refine the analysis process and graphically visualize the results.

Dedicated to providing its clients with the best possible service, Luciad Professional Services will assess advanced system requirements and assist system integrators with the implementation of fully integrated solutions.

Luciad’s international customer base includes NATO, DGA, TNO, DCNS, Thales, EADS, Lockheed Martin, Thales Raytheon Systems, DRDC, DSTA, SAGEM, Saab, Terma, Patria and Havelsan.

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