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New release of CORENA S1000D with Generic Pool Suite and support for TIRs

New release of CORENA S1000D drives content reuse with Generic Pool Suite that supports both S1000D TIR types and other generic content

Seattle, USA. 2 February 2011 --[ASDWire]--
CORENA, a global leader in S1000D software and implementation services, announced today the release of Version 6.0 of its popular S1000D CSDB software, CORENA S1000D. The latest release includes significant new functiona-lity that will drive content reuse to new levels with a Generic Pool Suite that supports not only both types of S1000D Technical Information Repositories (TIRs), but any reusable content (for example, warnings, cautions, notes, acronyms, and ITAR statements).

Existing customers of CORENA S1000D are very excited to add these capabilities to their S1000D environment. “We worked closely with major engine manufacturers to develop TIR and Generic Pool, and we are convinced that its flexibility, ease of configuration, and focus on reuse, will significantly increase quality and reduce their costs by eliminating duplicated data”, says Helmuth Naumer, CORENA, Director of Sales, Americas.

TIR configurations are available for S1000D Issue 4.0 and include categories for parts, tools, supplies, zones, circuit breakers, access points, enterprise and functional items. Generic Pool workflow and acronym configuration kits are also available as of CORENA S1000D Version 6.0. Once a Generic Pool/TIR has been selected for use within the CORENA CSDB, pool items can easily be searched, viewed, added, and edited. TIR data modules can be generated and functionality is provided to ensure that data modules which reference items in a TIR remain synchronized when common content in the TIR changes.

CORENA S1000D 6.0 has been timed to coincide with major new releases of CORENA IETP (for Interactive Electronic Technical Publications), CORENA PAGE (for PDF book generation), and CORENA IPC (for Illustrated Parts Data generation from a database).

“Our product development teams have focused on three major areas in the last several months”, said Toralf Johannessen, CEO of CORENA. “Providing the best possible support for S1000D Issue 4.0 in the CSDB and its modules, merging the CORENA iSpec2200 and CSDB code bases so civil aviation customers using two standards need only one system, and last but not least, development of an all-new more advanced CORENA IETP. Fantastic!”

In addition to the new TIR capabilities in CORENA S1000D 6.0, new functionality has been added for flexible BREX validation as part of a CSDB workflow and hotspot authoring has been implemented for Illustrated Parts Data modules. Improvements have also been made to the CSDB user interface and Transfer Suite.

CORENA IPC 6.0 takes good advantage of the new TIR functionality. Parts and vendors are created in CORENA IPC in the context of the current CSDB (automatically updated in the Generic Pool) and can be enabled for any other CSDB in a configuration. The IPD Data Modules are updated from the Generic Pool as part of the workflow. Item number change reporting allows customers to easily determine from a single report how item number changes will impact their associated figures.

CORENA is a global software company and one of the world’s leading suppliers of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf products managing the production, publishing, and distribution of technical documentation for complex equipment. CORENA’s products are widely used, primarily by customers within the aerospace, defense and maritime industries utilizing recognized international standards like ATA iSpec2200, ASD/AIA S1000D, and Shipdex.

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