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CORENA and SpecTec announce Shipdex order from MAN Diesel & Turbo

SpecTec and CORENA announce MAN Diesel &Turbo’s purchase of the AMOS Shipdex Data Manager

Birkeroed, Denmark. 4 March 2011 --[ASDWire]-- “More and more ship-owners require maintenance manuals for new ship acquisi¬tions to be Shipdex compliant. MAN Diesel & Turbo wishes to meet such require¬ment the best way possible. We have therefore ordered the AMOS Shipdex Data Manager, enabling us to validate that our maintenance manuals are in compli¬ance with the Shipdex protocol”, says Henrik Striboldt, Business Development Manager, MAN Diesel & Turbo.

“SpecTec has more than 50% of the world shipping market using AMOS and we wanted to expand our solutions offering to our customers and to reduce their operation cost related to documentation” says Marco Vatteroni, ILS Manager of SpecTec Group. “The AMOS Shipdex Data Manager, a component of the AMOS Shipdex Suite, is the result of a strong cooperation between SpecTec and CORE¬NA in developing Shipdex compliant software applications.”

“This order again proves the market acceptance of Shipdex in an industry with long product life cycle and differentiated information update. MAN Diesel & Tur¬bo is one of the major drivers in the Shipdex community, and we are extremely happy to welcome such an important engine manufacturer as new Spectec/CORENA customer” closes Toralf Johannessen, President and CEO at CORENA.

MAN Diesel & Turbo is together with SpecTec and CORENA major contributors and active members of the Shipdex community.

CORENA is a global software company and one of the world’s leading suppliers of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf products managing the production, publishing, and distribution of technical documentation for complex and mission critical equipment. CORENA’s products are widely used, primarily by customers within the aerospace, defense and maritime industries utilizing recognized interna¬tional standards like ATA iSpec 2200, ASD/AIA S1000D, and Shipdex.

CORENA also offers product independent training, consultancy on projects, and analysis of your technical information processes.

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