ASDWire distribution date: Tue, 2 Aug 2011 11:43:00 GMT +0100

CORENA wins contract from Saab for long-term support of Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) program

Birkerød, Denmark. 2 August 2011 --[ASDWire]-- CORENA, a global leader in S1000D software and implementation services, announced today that they have received a strategic long-term contract from Saab AB, Business Area Support and Services, for support of the MRJ aircraft.

CORENA will act as subcontractor to Support and Services in support of its technical publication contract with Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation. CORENA’s CSDB software will be used by Support and Services to develop a comprehensive package of maintenance, support, and operations documentation according to the S1000D 4.0 standard, which is fully supported by CORENA’s S1000D solution.

“Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation requested Support and Services to find the best suited Technical Publications Production System for the development of MRJ Technical Publications and the associated long-term support. Based on our requirements we selected CORENA as part of this solution, due to the functionality of their software, their future-oriented dedication, and their flexibility when doing business in a complex international program”, says Lars Brännström, Vice President at Aircraft Services in Saab’s Business Area Sup¬port and Services.

“This contract for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet program has significant strategic importance for CORENA. We are already working with Pratt & Whitney to support the PW1000G program for their geared turbofan engine, and this con¬tract gives us a presence in a new market, where the MRJ aircraft is targeted. This contract is yet another evidence of CORENA’s suitability for new global advanced aircraft programs”, says Toralf Johannessen, President and CEO of CORENA. “The CORENA S1000D product is selected by organizations that have understood that their future success depends on their ability to manage and control their production and exchange of data in a through-life perspective. This is why they select CORENA solutions.”


  • Supplier data is managed and incorporated into the CORENA S1000D CSDB using the built-in CORENA S1000D Transfer Suite, with BREX valida¬tion and reporting.
  • CORENA’s comprehensive APIs and Web Services will provide integrations services together with predefined XML-format for transformation to the Generic Pool functionality in the CORENA S1000D.
  • CORENA’s built-in modules and products allow the user, from the same source data, to deliver publications in different formats.

CORENA is a global software company and one of the world’s leading suppliers of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf products managing the production, publishing, and distribution of technical documentation for complex and mission critical equipment. CORENA’s products are widely used, primarily by customers within the aerospace, defense and maritime industries utilizing recognized international standards like ATA iSpec2200, ASD/AIA S1000D, and Shipdex.

CORENA also offers product independent training and consultancy on projects and analysis of your technical information processes.

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